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30/40 Meter Discoverer Rotatable Dipole Antenna Item Name:
30/40 Meter Discoverer Rotatable Dipole Antenna
Item #:

The DIS-71 Discoverer rotatable dipole of low weight and wind surface area easily fits most existing beam installations.

This antenna can be tuned to either 30 or 40 meters with a front to side ratio of 30 dB for a fast, expansion of band capability. Feeds with 50 Ohm coax. Comes with pre-formed mast clamp.

4.3 dBd 35 dB 1500 Watts PEP 2.7 feet 45 feet 22.5 feet 1.9 in - 2.5 in O.D. 2.7 square feet 23 pounds
DIS-71 Specifications
Front-to-Back Ratio
Max Power
Boom Length
Longest Element
Turning Radius
Max Mast Diameter
Surface Area
Net Weight
Max Wind Survival

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